I am insecure. I guess it will always be a human nature. I really don’t know why or how to deal with it,It’s just I really can’t help not to pity myself and be affected because of it. Academic performance, friends, looks and even boys causes my insecurities and because of it, I always have low self-esteem.

I’m so jealous for those people who treated their insecurities as a challenge and later on, succeeded in making themselves happy. But on my case, I’m always living on the shadows of my insecurities and thus, controlling my emotions that leads to more heartaches and sufferings. I always wanted to step-out and prove that I can be what I want and be happy living contented with what I have.

I do believe that the only key for me to surpass this predicament is to accept my weaknesses and limitations. And use it in evaluating the “real me.” I should be happy for what I am and what I have. For in the end, the only thing that would matter is how would I define “myself” that will affect on how will I pursue my dreams and in dealing with the challenges and trials that lies ahead. And I only have myself to depend and cling on.


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