Obama named as the 44th president of the United States

Yesterday, the Americans named their 44th president, in the person of the 47-year old Barack Obama. Obama won the presidential spot together with his vice-presidential candidate, Joe Biden. The two candidates won the election that changes the course of its nation, the first-ever Black- American president. The election was so favorable on the side of the Democrats, for they don’t just bagged the presidential spot but also winning the majority of both the lower and upper house of the Senate.

McCain. on the other hand, showed his respects on the newly-elected president and accepted his defeat for he believed that the Americans casted their votes to the worthy candidate.I guess that would be great , for Obama needs all the support he can have in helping him saving the country’s financial situation.

And here are the election results:

Obama – President
Electoral Votes: 349
Popular Votes: 63,423,384

Electoral Votes: 162
Popular Votes: 56,079,50


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