a semestral break that full of unforgettable experiences…

For almost 5 months, i was not able to go home for i was very preoccupied with my studies and I need to concentrate more on  making my grades high enough to please my parents and all those who had big hopes on me.And so, I was very happy when that particular time came in, the semestral break. My sister and bother were so happy for we could help them in doing some of the household chores. My high-school friends went to our house to have a little chat about my life in college and we shared a lot of funny and interesting stories of what had become on us the moment we stepped out of  high school.

And then, my cousin announced that she will be getting married and she invited our family to attend her engagement “party” and I had a chance to see my cousins. But, not all good things had happened. the brother of my mother’s bestfriend( a friend that we treated as a family member) died because of cancer.I was very sorry for his family and we went to the wake.Visiting the wake was  not a good experience, for I felt so bad for him for he still has children. But that experience taught me a good lesson, that we should always thank God for giving us the gift of love and life.

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