Of series and sequences…and the wilk-shapiro test…

When my teachers in math 37(Mathematical analysis 2) and Stat 101 announced the lists of students that are exempted in our final exams, I could not help not to be sad upon knowing that I was not included. For it would mean that I have to take all the final examinations of the said subjects. The problem is, i am not that familiar with the coverages especially with the series and sequences part. Whoa!!!

Series and sequences in mathematics are very hard to comprehend for it needs a lot of calculations and at the same time, it also has many properties that sometimes made me confused. And then divergent and convergent topics went into my way…of course, it tackles more on the limits of a certain number and function. and then you have to apply such properties on the different series and sequences ..confusing??? maybe not.. but if you are in my shoe(mmhh??), I do believe you will have the same predicament as I do…

well, hell doesn’t stop there… I still have my stat 101 exams… the topics are not that difficult compared to my math 37 but the problem there is that the solutions of a certain problem needs tedious solutions… And you have to apply different test(i.e. WILK-SHAPIRO test: the test for normality) in order to analyze a given problem…

But I know God will not let me fall this time ( I do hope He still remembers me :)) )

And I know that if I would only study my lessons, I will be able to pass all my subjects..



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