Naruto and the ninth tailed beast

Naruto Uzomaki’s life turned upside down when a ninth-tailed beast attacked Konoha and devastated the town. The Fourth Hokage used a technique(same with what the Third Hokage used to Orochimaru’s hands) that sealed the beast inside Naruto’s infant body. The said event made the town people to despise and mistreated Naruto makimg his childhood hard for him. He was regarded as an outcast and no one would want to befriend him. yet, he tried enough to be loved by the town people. He graduated in the Ninja academy by using the Shadow Clone technique. In the academy, he was teamed with Uchiha Sasuke and Sakura haruno, with their mentor, Kakashi Hatake, a book lover and a late comer. The team 7 faces a lot of trials and hardships that made their lives interconnected with each other.

While training, naruto becomes aware of the power of the beast inside him, he eventually used its massive chakra that made him powerful in the eyes of sasuke, making Sasuke  jealous of him.

The presence of the ninth tailed beast inside his body and its power chakra, tempted naruto to use it. His teammates and even his enemies become aware of its great power that made some of the konoha leaders to be cautios.

Soon, the betrayal of sasuke made naruto fight him, but he fails. But he did not lost hope he then undergone a training with the powerful sage, Jiraiya. And during the trainings, he was able to unleashed the power of the beast inside him, its power that could ruin his entire body and eventually control him. Because of it, Jiraiya become aware that he losses control of himself when the fourth tails appear and that would made him so dangerous even for his friends and co-ninjas.

But that did not stop him, infact in the later part he was  chasing the secret organization, Akatsuki, who tries and are planning to exploit the power of the nine powerful beasts of the Shinobi world. One of them is Sasuke’s brother.

And he even made himself more powerful despite of all the losses he had encountered. Many of his friends and mentors died because of Akatsuki. And that made Naruto strive for more power, to defeat all the Akatsukii and even facing again his former friend, Sasuke who recently joined the organization,Akatsuki.


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