I saw a child on the edge of a cliff. No one seemed  to notice him on that side of the cliff. I went into his direction, as I was about to be near him, all my friends shouted and when I turned on their direction, they were looking and pointing at me. One of my friend, ran and grab me as if I was trying to jumped on the cliff. Puzzled by their reactions, I asked them why they were shouting a while ago. My friend told me that they thought that I was not able to notice that I was walking and nearly on the edge of the cliff when someone at my back ( a black shadow, perhaps), motioned to push me. I then looked into the direction of the child and was shocked that he was nowhere in sight and the fact that he was standing a while ago not on the edge of the cliff but he could be floating. i then told them what I saw on the cliff.

One of my friends narrated that the cliff was said to be haunted. For a man committed suicide there after killing his wife and eight-year old son. The man throw their body under the cliff and jumped there right away. We then packed all our things and left the place. While traveling, i fell asleep. And while sleeping, the same child visited me on my dreams and he was waving at me. The incident that had happened on the cliff then flashbacks at my dream, showing me his father on my back, trying to reach me. The thing was, his wife was kinda floating in front me and staying there as if trying to be ready to save me.

It was freaky. And that incident still haunts me even up to this moment.


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