-left behind-

gone are the days that we would spent our afternoons together in the “seaside” resto. the friendship that we shared together becomes vague in my memory for every time I approached you, i see a different person..  different that even looking in the same set of brown eyes you have, i could not remenber having you as a friend.. before, it was full of love, affection and compassion for me and all of your friends…. you loved eating “taco” and sharing all your problems, secrets, etcs… to us… but now, look at yourself.. you’ve been caught having that white “powder” in your bag and you keep on acting as if nothing’s wrong with you…you had change not for the better…. don’t you think, i haven’t heard about the failed pregnancies(or was it really failed???) and suicidal attempts…
hey what had happened to you??? if you need a friend,,i’m here..why won’t you call me.
before… you would always asked for my advice and you even cried on my shoulder..why are you doing this to yourself…
it;s not yet too late…i wanted to remember the old “you” that i treasure as a friend..please stop it..
you are not just hurting yourself but also hurting those people who cares for you..
please stop…
i will always be here for you…please remember…


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